Episode 46 – Dorothy Enriquez

Inspiring Women Leaders

Episode 46 – Dorothy Enriquez

February 28, 2024

Episode 46 – Dorothy Enriquez

Hailing from Belize, being a single mother and possessing an MA in Human Communication, Dorothy Enriquez‘s journey is one of inspiration. Her unwavering dedication to fostering leadership excellence compelled her to establish a ground-breaking firm, ‘The Ellevate Collective’ – A premier learning and leadership entity on a mission to redefine leadership across all tiers and transform businesses from the inside out.

Dorothy has been a teacher, an instructional designer and a learning architect for the last 10 years – empowering corporate Americans to find success both in work and life.

She really cares about her clients and works extremely hard on their behalf, but underlying that lies something special: a deep understanding of what aspiring leaders really need to hear but perhaps don’t want to admit. If there’s one person who can answer tough questions with honesty? That would be Dorothy.

Dorothy’s compelling vision has led her and her team to collaborate with prominent names such as Nestle, Campbell’s, North-western Mutual, Kohl’s, and the Boys & Girls Club, reinforcing their firm’s commitment to both individual achievement and the creation of harmonious, successful teams across diverse sectors.

In this episode, Dorothy and I chatted about:

  • Her leadership roles 
  • Her leadership style 
  • Her leadership journey 
  • The leaders that helped her rise 
  • The challenges she faced on her journey 
  • How she navigated those challenges 
  • How she thinks you can become a strong and kind leader 
  • Her ‘take home’ leadership messages for the listeners, and 
  • What she is currently excited to be working on.

Dorothy can be found and/or contacted via the following online platform addresses:



Instagram: @theellevatecollective

Please reach out to Dr Harrison for individual coaching and/or organisational training via [email protected].

His web address and social media profile links / handles include:

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