Episode 33 – Dr Jill Collins

Inspiring Women Leaders

Episode 33 – Dr Jill Collins

August 16, 2023

Episode 33 – Dr Jill Collins

Dr Jill Collins holds a Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has over 17 years of scientific and strategic marketing experience.

Following her postdoctoral position in neuroscience, she moved into biotechnology and held leading roles at biotech companies.

Jill is a visionary for branding and activation in the healthcare and biotech industries. As CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Audacity Health, she has led the company to significant growth over the last six years. She recently won the CEO of the year award from the San Diego Business Journal for her leadership in helping Audacity thrive.

Jill has been an exemplary leader at Audacity, driving growth and success for the company. Under her leadership, the team has experienced 40% growth from Jan 21 to July 22, added paid media capabilities and a new PR offering, and maintained strong client retention. Under her leadership, Audacity has also gone from generating just under a million dollars in 2013 to $2 million in 2014 to $6.5 million in 2021.

Jill is committed to making a difference to the lives of her employees and the community. She introduced Audacity Health’s charitable contributions program in 2021, with several charitable contributions that Audacity employees are passionate about supporting. In addition, she donates her time and resources to several other local organizations, including participating in beach clean-ups on Saturdays through The ‘Purpose First Beach Clean-ups’ organization.

Jill is an influential leader and a fantastic role model for all women in business. Through her strategic leadership and dedication to her work, Jill has significantly impacted the healthcare industry. Coming from a scientific background, Jill has had to manage the difficult transition from the lab into the business world and learn how to navigate corporate dynamics as a female in several companies dominated by male leadership.

In this episode, Jill and I chat about:

  • Her leadership roles 
  • Her leadership style 
  • Her leadership journey 
  • The leaders that helped her rise 
  • The challenges she faced on her journey 
  • How she navigated those challenges 
  • How she thinks you can become a strong and kind leader 
  • Her ‘take home’ leadership messages for the listeners, and 
  • What she is currently excited to be working on.

Jill can be found and/or contacted via the following online platform addresses:

[email protected]

Contact form via

Please reach out to Dr Harrison for individual coaching and/or organisational training via [email protected].

His web address and social media profile links / handles include:

He has co-written a new online course entitled ‘How to be Assertive, Maintain Boundaries, and Say “No!”‘ which can be accessed instantly here for only £55/$70:

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