Tom Priselac (CEO of Cedars-Sinai) – Implementing AI

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Tom Priselac (CEO of Cedars-Sinai) – Implementing AI

The President & CEO of Cedars-Sinai, the largest private non-profit health system in the West, discusses the practicality of how to implement AI into the clinical trenches
April 14, 2019

Tom Priselac (CEO of Cedars-Sinai) – Implementing AI

Tom Priselac has been the CEO of Cedars-Sinai for 25 years and overseen unprecedented transitions for the organization. As chair of the American Hospital Association he was also closely involved with President Obama in developing the ACA. We discuss his role in evaluating new technologies and what metrics they use in deciding which technologies to implement at Cedars. Mr. Priselac also discusses how he fits in time for learning and advice for startups looking to make an impact in healthcare.

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