What the new info blocking rules mean for you — with Deven McGraw


What the new info blocking rules mean for you — with Deven McGraw

March 26, 2021

What the new info blocking rules mean for you — with Deven McGraw

HIMSSCast welcomes healthcare privacy expert Deven McGraw, currently Chief Regulatory Officer for Ciitizen who previously served as Deputy Director, Health Information Privacy at OCR, as well as Acting Chief Privacy Officer at ONC, to discuss the forthcoming information blocking rules, upcoming HIPAA overhaul, and more with host Jonah Comstock and Healthcare IT News Executive Editor Mike Miliard.

Talking points:

  • Challenges of complying with the new info blocking rules
  • How the new rules flip the script on data sharing
  • Info blocking rules vs CMS rules on APIs
  • Patient right of access and form and format requirements
  • Market opportunities created by the new rules
  • What could happen next with national privacy legislation?
  • Defining health data for legislative purposes
  • Looking at the upcoming updated HIPAA rules
  • Privacy implications of vaccine credentialing
  • Misconceptions about when HIPAA applies
  • What Ciitizen is working on these days
  • Deven’s parting advice on the info blocking rules

More about this episode:

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