Twilio Presents: Innovations to improve patient engagement


Twilio Presents: Innovations to improve patient engagement

April 29, 2021

Twilio Presents: Innovations to improve patient engagement

In this podcast, presented jointly with Twilio, we welcome Twilio’s Sr. Global CX Consultant, Mauro Faili joins us to talk about innovation and different strategies to reimagine your communication operations using the existing data your system has. Additionally, learn about different ways you can personalize your patient communication.

Mauro Failli is a Senior Global CX Consultant is currently the team lead for Twilio Foundry – a consulting practice designed to inspire executive engagement vision. With over 20+ years of industry experience his knowledge spans from communication technologies, IT service management and lifecycle frameworks, and customer engagement / experience management. He enables customers to deliver their engagement vision through reference architectures, milestone planning and facilitating the creation of success criteria through diversified stakeholder discussions.

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