The potential of AI in healthcare: An investors’ perspective


The potential of AI in healthcare: An investors’ perspective

November 5, 2021

The potential of AI in healthcare: An investors’ perspective

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have widespread potential in healthcare, from diagnostic analysis and clinical decision support to data management and patient engagement. On today’s episode, GSR Ventures partners Sunny Kumar and Justin Norden join host Laura Lovett for a far-reaching discussion of what they’re seeing in the world of healthcare AI.

Talking points:

  • What investors are looking at/for in AI
  • Low hanging fruits and hard problems
  • AI is not currently about replacing doctors
  • AI’s potential for mental health
  • How AI can make medicine more, not less personal
  • The lack of innovation in clinical trials and how it’s changing
  • Culture clash in healthcare and startups
  • Regulatory updates and reimbursement challenges
  • The present and future of digital therapeutics
  • Health equity and value-based care
  • Driving efficiencies in care and looking for the next telemedicine

More about this episode:

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