Technology, Policy, and COVID-19


Technology, Policy, and COVID-19

February 21, 2020

Technology, Policy, and COVID-19

COVID-19, perhaps still better known as coronavirus, is a dangerous and rapidly spreading disease that governments and healthcare stakeholders are working around the world to contain. But how is new technology shaping the narrative of this epidemic, and is it making it easier to manage than previous outbreaks? In today’s HIMSSCast, we explore that question with host and Editor-in-Chief Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews’s Laura Lovett, Healthcare Finance News’s Jeff Lagasse, and MobiHealthNews/Healthcare IT News AsiaPAC Editor Dean Koh (joining us by phone from Singapore).

Articles referenced in today’s episode: 

Roundup: Tech’s role in tracking, testing, treating COVID-19

Israel’s Sheba Hospital turns to telehealth to treat incoming coronavirus-exposed patients

Chinese government releases public app to gauge potential coronavirus exposures

Buoy Health, HealthMap team up to quell coronavirus fears, collect epidemiological data

iHealthtech researchers working on Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) detection kit

Facebook pledges to curb spread of misinformation about novel coronavirus

Combating the spread of coronavirus in China through continuous temperature monitoring

Veredus Laboratories announces development of detection kit for Wuhan Coronavirus

HIMSS offers coronavirus updates ahead of Global Health Conference

HHS collaborates on development of coronavirus treatment, vaccine

Coronavirus transmission has slowed, World Health Organization announces

CMS develops specific billing code for coronavirus test

Coronavirus outbreak could disrupt supply for U.S. healthcare companies

CMS prepares healthcare facilities for coronavirus threat

HHS Secretary Alex Azar: No public health emergency declared in U.S. for coronavirus

UPDATE: World Health Organization again decides against declaring a global emergency over coronavirus

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