Taking the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program digital — with Laurence Girard


Taking the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program digital — with Laurence Girard

October 15, 2021

Taking the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program digital — with Laurence Girard

The CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program is one of the first lifestyle and behavior-based interventions to be proven, in a large clinical study, to be more effective than a comparable drug (in this case metformin). Digital implementations can make the DPP more accessible and more scalable, and a number of digital health companies have been tackling this for the last few years.

Fruit Street Health is one of those companies and its CEO Laurence Girard joins host Jonah Comstock on today’s HIMSSCast to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and successes his company has had in this space.

Talking points:

  • A brief history of the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Why Fruit Street and others are taking the DPP digital
  • Challenges and opportunities of virtual DPP implementation
  • Ongoing reimbursement challenges with Medicare and Medicaid
  • Advantages of group-based programs via video chats
  • Questions and misconceptions about scalability
  • Making sure pre-diabetes interventions work for everyone
  • Cultural food expectations and combatting food deserts, both through partnerships
  • Direct-to-consumer DPP outreach
  • Are DPP programs (in-person and virtual) making a dent in the problem?

More about this episode:

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