Securing telehealth visits — with Anahi Santiago


Securing telehealth visits — with Anahi Santiago

December 10, 2021

Securing telehealth visits — with Anahi Santiago

In our final Workforce Re-entry companion podcast, HIMSSCast welcomes Anahi Santiago, CISO of ChristianaCare to discuss the cybersecurity risks and challenges created by telehealth and other teleconferencing accomplishments in healthcare.

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Talking points:

  • ChristianaCare’s preparation for the pandemic
  • Steps to take to secure virtual communications
  • Responding to Zoom-bombing and similar threats
  • Protecting against threats and bad actors in healthcare
  • Why telecommunications platforms are important, even beyond telehealth
  • Keeping data secure in multiple locations
  • Advice for securing communications
  • Importance of multi-factor authentication
  • Keeping in mind clinician workflow and patient experience
  • Moving toward hospital at home — the benefits and challenges
  • Provider and patient security education
  • Security is a patient safety issue

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