Looking ahead to the future of telehealth — with Dr. Daniel Kraft


Looking ahead to the future of telehealth — with Dr. Daniel Kraft

November 29, 2021

Looking ahead to the future of telehealth — with Dr. Daniel Kraft

Telehealth and virtual care have advanced leaps and bounds in 2020 and 2021, but there are still many ways in which the technology is inefficient or inaccessible, at least compared to what it could be. Host Jonah Comstock welcomes Dr. Daniel Kraft, founder and chair of Exponential Medicine, to talk about what the future might hold for telehealth and virtual care.

This is the latest episode in our Workforce Re-Entry series sponsored by Zoom.

Talking points

  • Where are we now with virtual care?
  • Data integration, triage chatbots, and other hallmarks of the future
  • Aligning incentives to end data siloes
  • Imagining a Google Maps/Waze for healthcare
  • The blurring boundaries between health and wellness
  • How do we handle privacy while unlocking novel biomarkers?
  • Big Brother is watching… your health?
  • Sorting out the advantages of physical vs virtual in the future
  • Using technology to enhance clinicians
  • Coordinating and integrating technologies we already have
  • What’s on the horizon for health tech?

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