Industry Voices: Why the time is now for value-based care


Industry Voices: Why the time is now for value-based care

October 29, 2021

Industry Voices: Why the time is now for value-based care

Recently, the HIMSSCast team had a chance to sit down with a wide range of healthcare innovators at HLTH in Boston to discuss what they saw as the major trends shaping the evolution of heathcare. One that came up over and over again was value-based care. We talked to notables including Jonathan Bush, Glenn Tullman, Toyin Ajayi and many more about how changing how we pay for healthcare is opening the door to radically re-imagine how we provide it.

This is the first in a series of “Industry Voices” episodes where we’ll feature a wide range of guests speaking on a single theme.

More about this episode:

‘You can’t navigate your way through a broken system’: Transcarent’s Glen Tullman on healthcare cost, quality

‘Omnichannel’ is the new watchword as big tech, retail get serious about healthcare

How retail giant Walmart plans to disrupt the healthcare industry

Retail giant Best Buy snaps up remote monitoring company Current Health

Innovation can increase the value of employer-sponsored care

Firefly Health launches virtual-first health plan for small and mid-sized employers

Cityblock rakes in $400M for platform focused on Medicaid and low-income populations and other digital health fundings

Modernizing Medicare and Medicaid means addressing the affordability crisis

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