Industry Voices: Baking equity into healthcare business models


Industry Voices: Baking equity into healthcare business models

November 19, 2021
COPD Podcast by Health Unmuted

Industry Voices: Baking equity into healthcare business models

In the second episode of "Industry Voices", we talk to a range of healthcare changemakers encountered at HLTH in Boston last month about health equity. Is the industry's attitude toward this important topic changing? Is it changing fast enough? And what steps and attitudes will be necessary to make the future of healthcare an inherently equitable one?

This episode features the voices of Cityblock Health President Toyin Ajayi, UC Davis Chief Information and Digital Health Officer Ashish Atreja, Digital Medicine Society CEO Jennifer Goldsack, Deloitte Partner Peter Micca, and Uber Global Head of Health Caitlin Donovan.

More about this episode:

Cityblock rakes in $400M for platform focused on Medicaid and low-income populations and other digital health fundings

Modernizing Medicare and Medicaid means addressing the affordability crisis

Deloitte's Gebreyes: 'Health equity is a moral imperative that requires a business solution'

Leveraging technology to achieve health equity

Addressing health inequities upstream can curb later health disparities

Health equity, SDOH key priorities for ONC, says deputy national coordinator

Health IT and racial justice: Expanding access, ending disparities, empowering communities (Healthcare  IT News Special Collection)

HFMA's first Black chair tells finance leaders to focus on diversity, inclusion and health equity

COPD Podcast by Health Unmuted

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