Healthcare’s great consolidation — with Scott Shreeve


Healthcare’s great consolidation — with Scott Shreeve

July 1, 2021

Healthcare’s great consolidation — with Scott Shreeve

The last 18 months in digital health have been tumultuous, to say the least, but as companies consolidate and go public some order is starting to emerge from the chaos. Scott Shreeve, CEO of Crossover Health, has some theories about what that is going to look like. Scott and host Jonah Comstock discuss payers, employers, providers, and patients and their relationships of trust and incentives in the newest episode of HIMSSCast.

Talking points:

  • Consolidation in the telehealth space
  • Comparing today’s telehealth landscape to the platform wars of the past
  • A Cambrian explosion in digital health
  • The pillars of “full stack” primary care
  • Different approaches to digital health plays, and how they’ve evolved
  • Why the employer makes sense as a customer, and how that dovetails with patient-centricity
  • The role for a new kind of provider entity
  • Trust as a currency in healthcare
  • The future of healthcare payment models
  • The difference in incentives between insurers and employers
  • What effective incentive alignment looks like

More about this episode:

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