Healthcare on the Ballot: The 2020 Election, Obamacare and COVID-19


Healthcare on the Ballot: The 2020 Election, Obamacare and COVID-19

October 21, 2020

Healthcare on the Ballot: The 2020 Election, Obamacare and COVID-19

HIMSSCast is out early this week to give you a chance to listen to our election edition before Thursday’s presidential debate. In this episode, host Jonah Comstock and Healthcare Finance News Managing Editor Susan Morse break down the ways that healthcare is on the ballot in 2020, how the candidates’ platforms, such as they are, differ, and how a new administration might handle COVID-19 differently.

Talking points:

  • The state and fate of the Affordable Care Act
  • Does HIPAA really protect pre-existing conditions?
  • Trump’s healthcare plan (for lack thereof)
  • What’s left on the ballot of Medicare for All?
  • Trump and Biden’s ideological divide on health care
  • Biden’s plans to make health insurance more accessible and affordable
  • Forces pushing the industry toward value-based care
  • Trump’s price transparency and drug price agendas
  • Could we see Obamacare 2.0?
  • How much has COVID-19 shaped the election?
  • How would President Biden handle COVID?
  • What to listen for in Thursday’s debate

More about this episode:

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