Health equity, caregiver diversity, and COVID-19 — with Sheldon Fields


Health equity, caregiver diversity, and COVID-19 — with Sheldon Fields

February 25, 2021

Health equity, caregiver diversity, and COVID-19 — with Sheldon Fields

HIMSSCast host Jonah Comstock welcomes Sheldon Fields, RN, PhD, a researcher, health policy analyst, educator and advocate. He serves as Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion at Penn State, First Vice President at the National Black Nurses Association, and founder and CEO of his own consulting firm, the SDF Group. On today’s episode, they talk about some of the current health equity challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and how to combat them.

Talking points:

  • Dr. Fields’ history as a nurse and academic
  • The mission of the National Black Nurses’ Association
  • How caregiver representation aligns with care equity
  • Comparing the COVID-19 pandemic with the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • How pandemics can illuminate health disparities
  • The history of medical atrocities in the US, and its aftereffects
  • Is vaccine hesitancy as big an issue as vaccine access?
  • How minority nursing associations can help expand vaccine access
  • Health equity beyond the pandemic — including medical research
  • How the NIH’s All of Us initiative has continued throughout the pandemic

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