Addressing the digital accessibility gap – with Josh Basile


Addressing the digital accessibility gap – with Josh Basile

February 11, 2022

Addressing the digital accessibility gap – with Josh Basile

Many health IT experts, innovators and vendors have touted digital health as a mechanism to overcome hurdles to care. But at the same time, we also know that digital health tools can exacerbate difficulties, especially for people with disabilities.

Josh Basile, community relations manager for accessiBe, joins Kat Jercich, senior editor of Healthcare IT News, to discuss  how organizations can ensure websites and other software are accessible for everyone. 

Talking points:

  • COVID-19 as a catalyst for driving online accessibility
  • Disability as a matter of “when,” not “if”
  • Frequent misconceptions about disability
  • The challenges —and advantages—presented by telehealth
  • Why accessibility in healthcare websites is so important
  • The different needs of different groups of people
  • The evolving nature of accessibility
  • The business case for ensuring tools are accessible

More about this episode:

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