5G and the future of AI in healthcare — with Dr. Anthony Chang


5G and the future of AI in healthcare — with Dr. Anthony Chang

September 24, 2021

5G and the future of AI in healthcare — with Dr. Anthony Chang

Increasing adoption of 5G in healthcare organizations and new developments in AI and machine learning are two major trends of the moment in health IT. On today’s show,  HITN Senior Editor Kat Jercich and CHOC Chief Intelligence and Information Officer Dr. Anthony Chang join host Jonah Comstock for a conversation about how these trends intersect and why 5G (and beyond?) will help support the future of healthcare AI.

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Talking points:

  • 5G’s impact on health technology in the next 10 years
  • Standout AI use cases in the COVID-19 era
  • How AI can help manage patient-generated health data
  • AI, information overload, and information insufficiency
  • Federated and swarm learning — sharing insights without sharing data
  • How 5G will enable new kinds of AI
  • AI for clinical decision support
  • Playing the long game and avoiding another AI winter
  • Preventing AI bias (with AI’s help)
  • The future of AI and 5G

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