HIT Like a Girl: Technology + Equity = Tequity

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HIT Like a Girl: Technology + Equity = Tequity

March 1, 2023

HIT Like a Girl: Technology + Equity = Tequity

How can we be more intentional about making sure health technology is equitable in terms of its design, development, and deployment? And can we ensure that health technology benefits everyone?

On this episode, we discuss Tequity with Alexis Anderson, a principal with Ipsos Healthcare Advisory who specializes in patient engagement, digital health, and Tequity; Ricky Choi, a pediatrician who is interested in the health of children, especially under-served communities; and Janna Guinen, the executive director of the HLTH Foundation, who focuses on health equity for patients and innovators, particularly founders and the healthcare workforce. 

-| The Health Equity Podcast Channel is made possible with support from Bayer G4A. Learn more about how Bayer G4A is advancing equity, access and sustainability at -| This episode originally aired on February 7, 2023 on HIT Like a Girl. Listen, follow and subscribe at

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