Pulmonary Aspects of COVID-19 Disease

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Pulmonary Aspects of COVID-19 Disease

Clinical Course, Ventilation and Related Issues
April 30, 2020

Pulmonary Aspects of COVID-19 Disease

Dr. Esther Barreiro and Dr. Margaret Hessen discuss the pulmonary aspects of COVID-19 disease, such as clinical course and pathophysiology of lung involvement, noninvasive vs. mechanical ventilation based on observed phenotypes, as well as myocardial dysfunction, coagulopathy, and other issues relating to the pathophysiology and critical care of these patients.

Esther Barreiro Portela, MD, PhD is the Associate Professor, Pompeu Fabra University, Hospital del Mar Respiratory Medicine Department in Barcelona, Spain. Her complete biography can be found here.

Hosted by: Margaret Hessen, MD, FACP, FSHEA, Director, Point of Care, Content, Clinical Solutions, Elsevier

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