Biomedical Ethics During COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 1

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Biomedical Ethics During COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 1

Supporting Patients and Families in Times of Crisis
April 23, 2020

Biomedical Ethics During COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 1

In this first of two conversations, Dr. Don Postema and Dr. Julibeth Lauren discuss issues arising with patients and families, including restrictions on inpatient visiting, end-of-life issues, and how patients and families can obtain support from hospital biomedical ethics teams.

Don Postema, PhD is the Program Director for Medical Bioethics at HealthPartners at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His complete biography can be found here.

Hosted by: Dr. Julibeth Lauren, VP, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing, Allied Health Practice & Patient Education, Digital Content, Elsevier Clinical Solutions

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