93 Burnout with Dr. Lisa Rotenstein

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93 Burnout with Dr. Lisa Rotenstein

Burnout with Dr. Lisa Rotenstein
August 5, 2019

93 Burnout with Dr. Lisa Rotenstein

Lisa Rotenstein, MD MBA is a an Internal Medicine Resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Co-Founder of CareZooming. Today, Drs. Rotenstein and Weisman talk about burnout, what we do about it and CareZooming.

Check out Dr. Rotenstein’s published work:

2016 JAMA meta-analysis on depression in medical students

2017 NEJM article “Making Patients and Doctors Happier — The Potential of Patient-Reported Outcomes”

2018 NEJM “Lost Taussigs — The Consequences of Gender Discrimination in Medicine”

2018 Annals of Internal Medicine “Making the Voices of Female Trainees Heard”


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