68: Meditation with Dr. Jill Wener

Doctor Me First Podcast

68: Meditation with Dr. Jill Wener

Meditation with Dr. Jill Wener
May 27, 2019

68: Meditation with Dr. Jill Wener

Jill Wener MD, Internal Medicine Hospitialist who in 2011, the stress of practicing hospital-based medicine began to take its toll and began to experience severe burnout. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, she was introduced to Conscious Health Meditation. The practice immediately had a profound effect on her. She tells her story from then to now in today’s podcast.

We talk about our biases on meditation in general, what Conscious Health Meditation is, and blending Woo-woo stuff with our medical ease. Hang out with Dr Jill Wener Meditation in Medicine website – IGTW

Set up a call with Jill HERE to try Conscious Health Meditation

Go to her Women in Healthcare Retreat with me!!

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