64: When Letting Go isn’t Enough SOLOCAST

Doctor Me First Podcast

64: When Letting Go isn’t Enough SOLOCAST

When Letting Go isn’t Enough SOLOCAST
May 20, 2019

64: When Letting Go isn’t Enough SOLOCAST

Errin Weisman DO, physician life coach and host on Doctor Me First, addresses the struggle with “just letting it go.” She shares personal experiences on how she dealt with situations that she just couldn’t shake. Here are her tips on how to work through your emotions, feelings, thoughts and memories surround an event that you just can’t let go!

1) Ask “Did I do the best job that I could in that moment?”

2) Continue to communicate

3) Recognize that ruminating on this alone can get destructive fast so build a team where you can decompress in a safe space (I’m willing to help too! Schedule a Book Your Colleague to Colleague Call HERE)

4) Identify “What will help you sleep at night?” Then go do it!

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