52: Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros

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52: Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros

Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros
April 8, 2019

52: Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros

Dr. Melanie Modjoros is a Certified sexuality counselor and board certified Internal Medicine physician with additional training in Women’s Health and Gynecology. While in practice, she found she wanted to provide more care for the complex relationship between health and sexuality and so became a sex therapist. We talk about how Dr. Modjoros works with individuals and couples through sexual dysfunctions, including low libido to reach their specific sexuality goals and ultimately, improving their general health, vitality, and happiness. We even get into sex tips for female physicians feeling tired and dealing with low libido.

Contact Dr. Modjoros directly at [email protected]

Book mentioned: She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman by Ian Kerner

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