41: Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Doctor Me First Podcast

41: Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski
March 18, 2019

41: Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski tells all about her journey of quitting multi-media marketing, medicine and law that has lead her to a life of joy and fulfillment to Dr. Errin Weisman. Listen in for her 5 tips to quitting, hear about her book, “Quitting by Design” and her podcast “Quit Happens” and be inspired that quitting is never a mistake if you learned something. #quittersunite today! SHOW NOTES:

Her website

Quit Happens Podcast

Her social media links: LinkedInTwitterIG

Amazon Link to her Book Quitting By Design

The Freakonomics podcast she mentioned listening to HERE 


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