31: Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges

Doctor Me First Podcast

31: Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges

Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges
February 17, 2019

31: Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges

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Epi 31 Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges

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Her ebook “Weight Loss That Works”



The model I mentioned during the podcast:

  • Circumstances are FACTS and everyone must agree on them being facts. (e.g. I lost my job, I weigh X, I write this blog.)
  • Thoughts are subjective and are what we create about our circumstances (e.g. I am hopeless, I am overweight.)
  • Feelings are vibrations (yes, just vibrations) in our body that result from our thoughts (e.g. depression or guilt.)
  • Actions are how we respond to our feelings (e.g. I’m going to stay inside all day, I’m going to give up and eat a tub of ice cream.)
  • Results, therefore, come from the preceding actions (e.g. I remain unemployed, I gain more weight.)


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