113: Favorite Ways to Grow Your Life & Dr. Dena George

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113: Favorite Ways to Grow Your Life & Dr. Dena George

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November 18, 2019

113: Favorite Ways to Grow Your Life & Dr. Dena George

Dena’s Favorites

Brave Enough Conference Texas Hospital Association Annual Conference Getting unstuck by using “Of course…” Handling the mind chatter, “I will not bargain with myself anymore.” Allow yourself permission What if anything were possible? Coaching tips: allowing time and space to sort through and awareness everyone goes through this. Recognizing fear, doubt and uncertainty Favorite hacks to do less: Visual Code/QR code usage, Lady to take care of her family and ask to do more Favorite emotion: Sprightly Favorite influencers: Tony Robbins

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Errin’s Favorites

Be Golden Women’s Empowerment Conference Coalition for Physician Wellbeing The Institute for Physician Wellness (Dr. Kathy Stepien’s retreats) Indiana Rural Health Association Getting unstuck by using “Yet” Using magic unicorn dust and asking, “What if…what if you could have your perfect, magical morning?” Talk/write a letter to past self or future self Favorite hack to do less: Amazon ordering, meal prepping Favorite emotion: Thrilled Favorite influencers: Sharon McLaughlin MD Women in the Wild Retreats

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