104: Dr. Tracy Asamoah talks Firsts

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104: Dr. Tracy Asamoah talks Firsts

Dr. Tracy Asamoah talks Firsts
September 30, 2019

104: Dr. Tracy Asamoah talks Firsts

Dr. Tracy Asamoah is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and physician coach who has a deep passion for helping others uncover their potential and discover purpose in life. We talk today about honing down to “what do I need to consider first?”, her journey to coaching and how she sees the coaching relationship.

Hang out with Dr. Asamoah at her website Tracy Asamoah CoachingTWRelease. Replenish. Rebloom.

If you are a female, physician, and are interested in learning more about Physician Coaching Alliance, follow the LINK to get connected.

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