S3E14 – Finding Opportunities in Operations

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

S3E14 – Finding Opportunities in Operations

Kristi Henderson, from Amazon Care, and John Mattison, from Kaiser Permanente, discuss digital initiatives to improve operations.
February 22, 2020

S3E14 – Finding Opportunities in Operations

On this, Episode 14 of Season 3, we dive into Operations. OPs is really cool. We love Ops. Ops is how a leadership team puts in place the infrastructure necessary for change to succeed. Understanding Ops is a key aspect of successful execution. And, as you know, Execution is Everything. We now bring you two talks from people with Black Belts in Ops and a great moderator who can ask the tough questions. Kristi Henderson RN is currently the Clinical Ops Leader for Amazon Care which is potentially a model for how we will deliver care in the future. Dr. John Mattison was assistant medical director and chief medical information officer at Kaiser Permanente where he lead many of KPs digital initiatives. Moderating the conversation will be Richard Capra, the Chief Academic Officer at UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. I invite you to hear what they had to say from the DOCSF Stage.

The Venue:

This conversation was recorded at DOCSF in January 2020, the weekend before #JPM Week in San Francisco. DOCSF is all about the intersection of digital health and musculoskeletal care.

This year, the sessions featured leaders from Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Amazon and many other amazing organizations, and Dan Kendall interviewed some of the speakers following their sessions on the stage. This special series of episodes features some of the interviews recorded at this annual event. To hear all the sessions on the DOCSF podcast, be sure to subscribe to the DOCSF Podcast here or visit Health Podcast Network.

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