S2E04 – DOCSF Quicktakes

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

S2E04 – DOCSF Quicktakes

Apple watch, the Internet of Orthopaedic Things, and Google Cloud
June 4, 2019

S2E04 – DOCSF Quicktakes

Today on our fourth podcast, we will join our friend, the incomparable Matthew Holt who co-founded the conference Health 2.0, as he interviews three guests: Dr. Sharat Kusuma, Arie Meir, and Dr. Daniel Kraft. Dr. Kusuma is an orthopaedic surgeon who spearheaded the Apple Watch partnership with Zimmer/Biomet to use sensors to track patient recovery. Arie Meir from Google Cloud Services shares how Google is building a cloud services ecosystem for healthcare. Dr. Daniel Kraft the founder and chair of Exponential Medicine speaks about the Internet of Orthopedic Things

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