DOCSF23: Practice 3.0

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF23: Practice 3.0

June 1, 2023

DOCSF23: Practice 3.0

Let’s dive into the transformative concept of Private Practice 3.0!

In the healthcare industry, private practice can be challenging. But with Private Practice 3.0, we’re bringing together ambulatory surgery centers and digital orthopedics to create a better patient experience. Say goodbye to long waits and minimal face time with the doctor!

In this episode, we have Jared Weir as our guest, who shares insights on the problems with the current model and exciting solutions through digital orthopedics and surgery centers. Dr. Weir discusses implementing cool technologies like smart implants and remote patient monitoring in his private practice.

When things get easier for doctors, it’s a win-win for patients too. Join us as we explore Private Practice 3.0 and how it’s changing the game in healthcare!

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