DOCSF22: Community and Digital Health Tech as a Gamified Service

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF22: Community and Digital Health Tech as a Gamified Service

September 13, 2022

DOCSF22: Community and Digital Health Tech as a Gamified Service

In this episode, Roderick Alemania, co-founder, and CEO of ReadyUp Inc. talks about the evolution of the gaming industry, their community, and what healthcare can take from them.

Roderick starts by giving a quick overview of the industry and its evolution. Gaming has become one of the most prominent branches of entertainment media and a massive market that consists of people from all age groups, making it around 40% of the world. Gaming has transcended the concept of being a product into a wholesome service by adding updates and continuous content for sale within a game. This change has increased profit and engagement. He speaks of how this created different and substantial dynamics around the industry and discusses platforms like Twitch and Discord. These two, encourage the creation of community around games and benefits game marketability.

However, Roderick brings all of this knowledge in gaming to healthcare from his perspective as a patient in orthopedic care. He recommends cultivating the concept of creating and fostering communities around health subjects and constantly creating content for them. Roderick also proposes driving continual engagement with patients for better adherence and recovery. He suggests connecting people going through similar situations for support and understanding. Lastly, Roderick addresses the importance of mental health in this context.

Listen to what Roderick Alemania, a professional from the gaming industry, has to share about healthcare at DOCSF. Learn about lessons from gaming that can improve digital health in terms of engagement and community!

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