DOCSF Venture 2023: Predicting the Next 2 Years of Venture Investments

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF Venture 2023: Predicting the Next 2 Years of Venture Investments

May 17, 2023

DOCSF Venture 2023: Predicting the Next 2 Years of Venture Investments

In this episode, Zack Scott, General Partner from Norwest Venture Partners, Ruchita Sinha, General Partner from AV8 Ventures, and Gregory Grunberg, Managing Director from Longitude Capital, share their vision for the future of venture capital investments and how they feel about the trends they’re seeing. In the current economic climate, 2021’s venture boost fell to a more cautious, yet optimistic, investor perspective, focusing on companies that are scaling and that ensure a quicker ROI. These three venture capitalists discuss what technologies they find interesting and why companies like theirs are currently attracted to them.

Nowadays, healthcare venture capital is looking toward medtech solutions that apply AI tools and data management. Greg, Zack, and Ruchita all agree on the importance of these technologies being applied in the improvement of workflows across different platforms and sites of care. They also touch on matters of interest like patient navigation, utilization management, and tech-enabled devices as solutions that investors can find appealing.

These three guests discuss some of the risks the health tech space faces in terms of regulatory obstacles an invention has to overcome to prove its long-term impact. They acknowledge the traditional surgical space is also a field for innovation and give their takes on the types of technology they would like to see inside ORs that enhance interoperability. Finally, Greg, Zack, and Ruchita provide advice for health tech innovators and entrepreneurs to have a clear understanding of the problem they are trying to solve, how they will do so, and what will it cost in order to seem like a viable opportunity for investors in the field.

Listen to this episode and hear from three different VC voices what’s to come in the following years in health tech investments!

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