DOCSF The Experience 2022 Is Coming Soon!

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOCSF The Experience 2022 Is Coming Soon!

April 5, 2022

DOCSF The Experience 2022 Is Coming Soon!

Welcome back to the Digital Orthopedics Conference in San Francisco! 

We are joined by Stefano Bini, our partner in crime Shawna Butler, and Professor Fabrizio Billi, who walk through the DocSF22 experience. This time, the event has been redesigned to have three main themes: the future of Orthopedics, the digital transformation journey, and the scientific evidence for change. These themes will delve into relevant topics showcasing innovative partners and colleagues around the industry. 

This reunion and celebration will be held on the 28th and 29th of April, 2022; you cannot miss it! 

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