DOC SF-21 introduction to the series

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

DOC SF-21 introduction to the series

June 22, 2021

DOC SF-21 introduction to the series

Welcome to the DocSF21 experience audio tour!

This podcast is for you to discover and get to know the DOCSF21 events thoroughly. DOCSF21 is focused on two key things: AI and Patient experience. Its purpose is to bring people together and create a community for a better future. From applied AI to innovation, to a Bone Tank and Voices of DOCSF21, you will get wonderful conversations throughout different topics. By the hand of wonderful speakers and guests, the best in their field, get the nuts and bolts of new digital solutions in musculoskeletal care.

Join Stefano Bini, the founder of DOCSF21, during this and the following episodes, and discover the amazing advancements of DocSF! 

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