S9: #088: Advancing Digital Medicine: Stronger, Smarter and Faster

Digital Health Today

S9: #088: Advancing Digital Medicine: Stronger, Smarter and Faster

Overcoming challenges and accelerating change with the (new!) Digital Medicine Society
May 14, 2019

S9: #088: Advancing Digital Medicine: Stronger, Smarter and Faster

The topic:

The use of the term ‘digital health’ is continuing to grow, with new subsets of products and services being grouped within it: digital doctor’s visits, digital clinical trials, digital therapeutics, and digital medicine – these are just some of the terms that have burst onto the scene.

In this episode, we’re diving into one of the terms in the digital health lexicon: ‘digital medicine.’  We explore what digital medicine is, how it is positioned along with digital therapeutics and digital health, and explore what’s needed to make the field of digital medicine stronger, smarter and faster.     

The guest:

My guest is Jen Goldsack, the Interim Executive Director of the new Digital Medicine Society that’s just been launched.  Jen has a background in clinical trials, outcomes research and innovation, and she holds masters degrees from the University of Oxford in England, the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from George Washington University.  She is also a retired athlete – she is a Pan American Games Champion, Olympian and World Championship silver medalist.  She’s a dual-national with both British and American citizenship, and currently resides in Florida.

Action items:

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