S8: #070: Top Travel Tips and Hacks to Survive the Conference Season

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S8: #070: Top Travel Tips and Hacks to Survive the Conference Season

Amir Kalali stops by to share some top tips to make travel more efficient and enjoyable
October 9, 2018

S8: #070: Top Travel Tips and Hacks to Survive the Conference Season

On his first appearance on Digital Health Today (episode 60), Amir Kalali shared his views on digital therapeutics, drug discovery and neuroscience. During the lightning round, we also touched on some of his advice on how to make travel more enjoyable. We joked that we should do a whole episode on travel tips to survive the conference season…..well, it turns out that people liked the idea! 

In this episode, Amir discusses how to improve your travel experience with his top tips and hacks. From apps and websites, to gadgets and pills, Amir shares some great advice as you prepare to head out to the industry events this year!

Top Travel Tips and Hacks for Surviving the Conference Season:

10. Know your rights and the best routes to fly

Know your airlines and aviation rules, search airline on private mode, use meta engines like ITA Software and Google Flights:

Matrix Airfare Search or Google Flights.

9. Choose a good credit card

Pick a loyalty program and credit card that maximizes the perks such as Priority Pass lounges, Wi-Fi access, and more.

8. Fly direct and first thing in the morning

Avoid the queues and delays by getting out first before delays stack up.

7. Make navigating easier with offline access to Google maps

Just type ‘OK Maps’ in the address bar while browsing a page on google maps. Since GPS works even when data is not connected, an offline map can help you navigate.

6. Keep a digital copy of your travel documents in the cloud

Store a password-protected version of your important documents in a secure cloud network.

5. Be prepared for the digital age

Carry and use items like phone cases with spare batteries, power strips, extension cord – Amir even carries gaffer tape! Also, to help reduce fatigue and improve focus, get a good noise canceling headset. Here are two Amir recommends.

Sony WF 1000x

Sony WH 1000x m2 

4. Evaluate your best security options

Consider locking valuables in the main hotel safe or your own luggage instead of the room safe.

3. Take care of your health

Consider bringing allergy medications, baby aspirin and always use compression socks!

2. Relationships matter

Get to know your hotel leadership, and where possible, book directly via them.

1. Be courteous with the front line staff

No situation is improved when people act like jerks!


Bonus Tips:

Travel Guide App: Rome 2 Rio

Use Ride Sharing Apps: Uber, Lyft, or the local services

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