S7: #065: Dr. Jack Kreindler on Healthspan, Human Performance and Fighting Cancer

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S7: #065: Dr. Jack Kreindler on Healthspan, Human Performance and Fighting Cancer

How an engineering approach to medicine could solve major health challenges
May 24, 2018

S7: #065: Dr. Jack Kreindler on Healthspan, Human Performance and Fighting Cancer

Our guest today is Dr. Jack Kreindler. Jack is a physician, physiologist and serial technology entrepreneur. He began programming computers at the age of 13, and couldn’t decide between a career in tech or medicine – so he chose both. He is a leading expert in health optimization and has a background in emergency medicine with a special interest in high altitude physiology.  Jack shares insights from his years working with elite athletes and very ill patients, and how lessons can be learned and applied to both groups. He also explains the mission of the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Research Fund and how her fight against cancer will have a lasting and significant impact for cancer patients and their families.

Jack is a founder of the Centre for Health and Human Performance in London where he is the medical director of a multidisciplinary team of leading specialists managing complex cases. He’s also a founder of Sentrian, a remote patient intelligence platform, and he’s a cofounder of Weird and Wonderful, where he works with Daisy Robinton (Daisy was our guest in episode 23 where she spoke about gene editing, resilience and the future of health). You may see Jack on his frequent trips to the US on various speaking engagements, and working with tech companies to increase the depth of focus on advanced analytics, connected data and machine learning.

Today’s Topics:

  • The science behind his participation in a cage fight and his road to recovery
  • His role in Centre for Health and Human Performance, and what the study of human performance science is all about.
  • The use of ACTs (adaptive clinical trials) and how they differ from a standard clinical trial.
  • Brain cancer, specifically glioblastoma multiforme, and the innovation of the standards of care to develop new treatments.
  • Jack’s collaboration with Baroness Jowell and her daughter to increase research efforts in the UK.
  • Jack’s work with cancer patients and elite athletes and how he approached these two very different groups of patients.
  • Increasing healthspan through 4 key activities and reducing the gap between healthspan and lifespan.

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