S4: #040: Matthew Holt on Health 2.0 and the Global Stage for Health Innovators

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S4: #040: Matthew Holt on Health 2.0 and the Global Stage for Health Innovators

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August 31, 2017

S4: #040: Matthew Holt on Health 2.0 and the Global Stage for Health Innovators

Matthew Holt went to work in 2006 to create an event that focused on health tech innovators. That event was the first Health 2.0. Now, 11 years later, thousands of health innovators have taken to the Health 2.0 stage to present their solutions that improve and transform healthcare. Matthew tells us about the evolution of the organization, and the opportunities for innovators to share their stories to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Matthew co-founded Health 2.0 with Indu Subaiya. I’ve known Matthew for several years – I’ve spent time with him at Health 2.0 conferences (and nearby bars) in the US and Europe, but until I had this discussion with him, I didn’t really have an appreciation of the background that eventually led to the creation of the Health 2.0 series of conferences. We cover how Health 2.0 serves as a tremendous catalyst for accelerating the creation and adoption of new health technologies. We also dive into Matthew’s own experience as a researcher and his experience as part of a silicon valley startup.

We continue the discussion in episode 41, and we jump into the controversy about the term Digital Health and Matthew’s preferred term: SMACK Health. He’ll tell us what that all means, and discuss the merits of that term. And, since he’s so passionate about it, we’re also going to try the new name on for size. So the next episode of this podcast will be the SMACK Health Today podcast… be sure to tune into both episodes for the full story.

Today’s Topics:

  • Matthew’s move to America and research into healthcare
  • How the first web browsers in the 1990’s helped Matthew focus on healthcare and tech
  • How Health 2.0 was started, and the early days of the organization
  • The opportunities available through Health 2.0 to accelerate early innovations

Links and Resources Mentioned:


DAY 1: Welcome to Health 2.0 Barcelona w/ Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya

H20 2014 FALL – Welcome: Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya

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