S2: #015: How Maven Clinic is Making Healthcare Accessible to Women

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S2: #015: How Maven Clinic is Making Healthcare Accessible to Women

Kate Ryder shares the evolution of her business and their founding principles
November 26, 2016

S2: #015: How Maven Clinic is Making Healthcare Accessible to Women

I first heard about Kate Ryder of Maven Clinic when I was attending a conference in Las Vegas earlier this year. The conference was actually not focused on healthcare, but when I was speaking to one of the other attendees about what I do, she immediately said “You have got to get in touch with Kate Ryder, the founder of Maven Clinic.”

Kate hasn’t always been involved in healthcare. She started out as a journalist for the Economist and she lived and worked in Southeast Asia, NY, and London. She then joined Venture capital firm Index Ventures in London, and she focused on investments in consumer technology, health and education. Now, she’s the CEO and founder of Maven, the world’s first digital clinic designed specifically to empower women and provide access to better health information and services.

Kate shares with us her perspective on how she got her business started, and how it has grown and evolved. In addition to providing convenient, affordable and accessible information, they’ve been really creative in the way they have engaged their users to become ambassadors for their company and brand.

Kate’s career and entrepreneurial background:

  • Inspiration for Maven Clinic
  • Perceptions of women’s health
  • Raising capital and launching Maven Clinic
  • Maven Clinic product offerings and health care providers
  • Connecting with professionals through Therapist Speed Dating
  • Promotions and marketing the business with brand ambassadors
  • User acquisition and growth of the app and platform
  • Privacy and confidentiality in telehealth
  • Maven core founding principles
  • Maven Clinic’s business model

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