Ep21: Enabling greater scale for Patient Advocacy in APAC

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Ep21: Enabling greater scale for Patient Advocacy in APAC

How Novartis’ APPIS programme can create greater patient engagement for Ecosystem solutions
May 30, 2023

Ep21: Enabling greater scale for Patient Advocacy in APAC

Engaging with active and well-informed individuals is the essential element of any successful health ecosystem. Without them, healthcare and digital health companies are building solutions that can’t improve health outcomes. Patient advocacy groups are one way that individuals can become empowered. But across the world, the impact of such groups is dependent on external factors to help them achieve scale. In this episode, I speak with Ruth Kuguru, the Regional Head for Communications and Patient Engagement for Novartis who has developed a platform to change this dynamic for patient advocacy groups. During this podcast, we discuss:

  • How Novartis created a platform to bring together different stakeholders and putting patients at the forefront of improving Habitats – another word for Ecosystems
  • Describing the components of the Alliance & Partnerships for Patient Innovation & Solutions (APPIS) including a case study in the Philippines
  • Why patient advocacy groups are the “real deal” for creating engaged individuals
  • Scaling the impact of patient advocacy into a corporate capability that goes beyond the traditional model for pharma manufacturers

About Ruth Kuguru

Ruth Kuguru is the Executive Director, Communications & Patient Engagement for Novartis Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. In her role, she leads her team to foster open, inclusive, and strong partnerships with patient communities, media, and healthcare leaders in Asia Pacific, Middle East and African countries. She is passionate about the impact strong collaboration can have in accelerating access and developing innovative solutions for patients.

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