Ep18: How to Make Concurrent Customer Development Work Effectively in Indonesia with Robyn Soetikno

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Ep18: How to Make Concurrent Customer Development Work Effectively in Indonesia with Robyn Soetikno

A case study in overcoming complexity to deliver impact for 2 million consumers, 70,000 doctors, and 1,700 pharmacists
October 20, 2021

Ep18: How to Make Concurrent Customer Development Work Effectively in Indonesia with Robyn Soetikno

For some Digital Health companies, especially those in very developed healthcare systems, success can be contingent on identifying a single core problem and then keeping a tight focus on this challenge when iteratively building your great solution. But not every entrepreneur or corporate innovator has the luxury to take this path, especially when there are overlapping areas of need for your customers.

In this episode, we return to Indonesia to examine both the challenge and the successful approach taken by Tiffany Robyn Soetikno, the Founder and COO of PT Global Urban Esensial. Robyn is a skilled entrepreneur who grew up in the Indonesian Healthcare industry. The results (so far) from her efforts have led to a startup delivering impact for 2.5 million individuals, 70,000 doctors, and 1,700 pharmacists.

In our discussion, we cover:

• A summary of the Indonesia healthcare landscape

• Building a complex product roadmap and making it work

• Her process for deriving consumer insights

• Building scale across each of the different customers while managing growth

Robyn Soetikno

Robyn founded PT Global Urban Esensial (PT GUE, LLC), a leading digital health startup in Indonesia with a vision to reduce the relationship gaps between doctors and patients. Driven to create a health ecosystem that connects different stakeholders, GUE, LLC has developed three pillars: patient management, doctor management and medication supply.

Robyn is passionate about enabling stakeholders within the healthcare industry, using technology to address gaps in the healthcare sector. As a startup founder, she has experience in making the jump from zero to one, scaling up, and transforming the team accordingly. She has also assisted several incumbents to grab opportunities in digital.

In 2019, Robyn was named 30 Under 30 – Asia – 2019 under Healthcare and Science category. She was the only Indonesian entrepreneur honored by Forbes.

Robyn earned her Masters of Science degree in International Health Management from Imperial College, London and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Public Health and Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College, New York.

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