Episode #71 – CareTalk vs. Venrock's Bob Kocher: 2021 Healthcare Predictions

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Episode #71 – CareTalk vs. Venrock's Bob Kocher: 2021 Healthcare Predictions

December 15, 2020

Episode #71 – CareTalk vs. Venrock's Bob Kocher: 2021 Healthcare Predictions

We were too lazy to come up with our own healthcare predictions for 2021, so we invited Bob Kocher, MD (Partner, Venrock) onto the show to discuss his Fortune magazine article, “10 Non-COVID Predictions for 2021.” Will Medicare go all-in on virtual care? Will Amazon’s pharmacy gain traction? Tune in to find out!

About Bob Kocher, MD:

Bob Kocher, MD is a Partner at Venrock and focuses on healthcare IT and services investments. He currently serves on the Boards of Virta Health, Aledade, Renew Health and Lyra Health as well as Devoted Health, both of which he also co-founded, and the Blue Cross insurance company Premera. He is a Board Observer at Grand Rounds, Stride, Doctor on Demand, and Suki. He is formerly a Director at Jiff and Castlight Health (CSLT).

Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and a Senior Fellow and Advisory Board Member at the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy Department and National Institute of Healthcare Management (NIHCM). He is also a member of the Health Affairs Editorial Board.

Prior to Venrock, Bob served in the Obama Administration as Special Assistant to the President for Healthcare and Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. In the Obama Administration, Bob was one of the shapers of the Affordable Care Act focusing on cost, quality, and delivery system reform and health IT policy. He was one of the leaders of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” childhood obesity initiative, led the formation of the Partnership for a Healthier America, and served on the Federal Advisory Panel charged with developing a national obesity strategy. He also co-founded the Health Data Initiative with Todd Park, a joint effort of HHS and the Institute of Medicine, to release healthcare data to spur private sector innovation to improve healthcare cost and quality.  For five years, he served as Co-Chair of the Health Datapalooza.

Before the White House, Bob was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he led McKinsey Global Institute’s healthcare economics work. He has worked widely across the US and international healthcare systems to improve regulatory policy, economic performance, labor productivity, clinical outcomes, and patient experience.

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