Episode #66 – Dr. Chris Chen, MD: ChenMed CEO Recounts His ICU Stay

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Episode #66 – Dr. Chris Chen, MD: ChenMed CEO Recounts His ICU Stay

November 12, 2020

Episode #66 – Dr. Chris Chen, MD: ChenMed CEO Recounts His ICU Stay

Dr. Chris Chen, MD, CEO of ChenMed, joins the CareTalk Podcast to discuss his experience with COVID-19, improving primary for seniors and more.

About Dr. Chris Chen, MD:

Dr. Christopher Chen is the CEO of ChenMed, a physician practice that aims to bring concierge-style medicine and better health outcomes to the neediest populations – low-income seniors managing multiple complex chronic conditions. Dr. Chen oversees ChenMed’s operations through its senior medical centers throughout the southeastern United States and Chicago, as well as its portfolio affiliated primary care practices and groups. Raised in South Florida, home to ChenMed’s headquarters, Dr. Chen graduated from the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine. Dr. Chen went on to complete his medical training at Beth Israel Deaconess, a major Harvard University teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. His clinical skills and research accomplishments then led to a specialty position at Cornell University Medical College in Manhattan, New York, where he studied cardiology.

Dr. Chen brought these valuable skills and experiences with him to ChenMed, where he has served as CEO since 2009. Under Dr. Chen’s leadership, ChenMed has grown from four senior medical centers in Florida in 2010 to the 59 it operates in eight U.S. states today. ChenMed’s innovative, physician-led model focuses on accountability and scalability, and the model has proven results. ChenMed patients have 33 percent fewer hospital days per year than the national average. As a fully capitated Medicare Advantage provider, ChenMed have succeeded in providing better care to patients at a lower cost by focusing on prevention, patient behavior modification, and practical solutions like increasing patient access to physicians and specialists and providing courtesy transportation, on-site imaging, and medication. Patient satisfaction is high, with Net Promoter Scores in the low-to-mid 90s.  

Dr. Chen’s guidance has led to accolades for ChenMed from numerous sources including the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, the U.K. National Health System, and publications such as Health Affairs, Forbes® Magazine, and The Economist®. In addition, the company was named “Best Primary Care System in the U.S.” by Medical Economics. Dr. Chen and ChenMed have earned private working discussions with President Obama, key cabinet members, senators, and congressmen. Honors like these reflect ChenMed's innovative and compassionate approach to caring for seniors with complex diseases, as well as ChenMed’s notable results in achieving better health care outcomes.

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