Episode #115 – Transforming Community Need into Health Impact

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Episode #115 – Transforming Community Need into Health Impact

November 12, 2021

Episode #115 – Transforming Community Need into Health Impact

Dan Brillman (CEO, Co-Founder of UniteUs) joins the show to discuss how UniteUs is building healthier communities by connecting health and social care. 

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About Dan Brillman: 

Dan Brillman graduated from Yale University in 2006 and worked in finance and
consulting before joining the Air Force Reserves as a combat pilot, where he still serves
today. As an aircraft commander, Dan earned several combat air medals during multiple
deployments both in Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns and also serves as a Joint Strategic
Liaison Officer for Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). After earning his MBA from Columbia
Business School in 2012, Dan worked in venture capital in NYC, where he focused on
investing and technological innovation. Dan co-founded Unite Us in 2013.

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