When Duty Becomes Privilege: Reframing Caregiving as an Act of Love

Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, an AlzAuthors Podcast

When Duty Becomes Privilege: Reframing Caregiving as an Act of Love

March 24, 2024

When Duty Becomes Privilege: Reframing Caregiving as an Act of Love

This is a replay of our book club discussion with our friends at Aging & Amazing. “Books & Chit Chat” is a monthly book club featuring a title from the AlzAuthors collection. Throughout the month, readers participate in a discussion in the book club’s Circle community at Aging & Amazing, then meet with the author for an in-depth discussion of the book and the caregiving journey. The online discussions are typically moderated by Andrea Couture, but she was unavailable for this episode so AlzAuthor founder, manager and author Marianne Sciucco is in her place for this episode.

Florrie Munat, the author behind “Be Brave, a Wife’s Journey through Caregiving,” brings a deeply personal and touching account of her caregiving experience for her husband, Chuck, who faced a stroke and Lewy body dementia. Through her memoir, Florrie provides a candid and insightful portrayal of the challenges and triumphs she encountered, offering a beacon of hope and understanding for caregivers navigating similar paths. Her tender storytelling and unwavering strength make her a compelling and relatable guest, bringing a wealth of wisdom and empathy to our discussion on the complexities of dementia caregiving. We’re honored to have Florrie’s unique perspective and compassionate voice on the Podcast.


When love and duty are one, then Grace is within you. – Florrie Munat

In this episode, you will:

  • Gain insights into the caregiving journey for dementia patients and discover effective support strategies.
  • Explore the therapeutic benefits of writing as a tool for caregivers to navigate their emotions and experiences.
  • Learn how to effectively navigate complex family dynamics in the context of providing care for individuals with dementia.
  • Discover the powerful benefits of journaling as a coping mechanism and reflective practice during the caregiving journey.
  • Understand the unique challenges and symptoms associated with Lewy Body Dementia to better support individuals with this condition.

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