Laurette Klier Untangles How and Why She Created Books for People Living With Dementia

Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, an AlzAuthors Podcast

Laurette Klier Untangles How and Why She Created Books for People Living With Dementia

April 11, 2022

Laurette Klier Untangles How and Why She Created Books for People Living With Dementia

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About Laurette Klier

Laurette Klier believes ENGAGEMENT + NOSTALGIA = JOY. She is the author of Nana’s Books, heart-centered pairings of nostalgic literature and art, modified to meet the needs of seniors living with brain changes.

Each book is carefully designed to bring you and your loved ones renewed connection, comfort, and joy. The books were inspired by her mother-in-law, Nana Mary, who loved big and passed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2021.

Laurette’s goal is to spearhead a national movement to create libraries within libraries of quality multimedia, multi-sensory engagement materials for people living with dementia.

With a background in creating literacy environments for students in urban and priority schools, this work came naturally to her as she believes that people are best engaged via a holistic, literature, and arts-based approach. Now, as ever, she is focused on underserved communities and inclusion. 

Nana’s Books are the winner of a 2021 MAUDE’S AWARD for Innovation in Dementia Care and are endorsed by ALZ SPEAKS, ALZ AUTHORS and the Neurocognitive Community for their utility in person-centered care.

In addition to creating these beautiful books, Laurette is also working on the Essential Caregivers Act of 2021 to ensure care partners unrestricted access to their loved ones in long term care, as COVID lockdowns and lack of uniform federal protections continue to devastate seniors and their families. Learn more here.

In this episode, we discuss, how books and reading can provide meaningful interactions between family members and those living with dementia, the need that drove her to create these books, and how dementia changed her relationship with her mother-in-law for the better.

Laurette Klier Creates Nana’s Books: Nostalgic Picture Books for Seniors

Preview Laurette’s books at

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A sampling of titles:

·     Nostalgic Picture Book of Irish Wit & Wisdom: Large Format for People with Alzheimer’s / Dementia

·     Love Poems for the Young at Heart: Large Format Book for People with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

·     Jewish Proverbs for the Young at Heart: Large Format Book for People with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

·     Nostalgic Picture Book of Babies

·     Fine Art Picture Book; Mother & Child: Gift Book for People with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s

·     The Soul Remembers: Memory Care Spirituals

·     Nostalgic Picture Book of Living Dolls

·     Nostalgic Picture Book of Prayer

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