Edie Weinstein Untangles How Children’s Books Can Diminish Barriers Caused by Dementia

Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, an AlzAuthors Podcast

Edie Weinstein Untangles How Children’s Books Can Diminish Barriers Caused by Dementia

December 6, 2021

Edie Weinstein Untangles How Children’s Books Can Diminish Barriers Caused by Dementia

Edie Weinstein is the youngest of the AlzAuthors. She published her illustrated children’s book, Grandpa and Lucy: A Story About Love and Dementia, at the tender age of 16! But today, at 18 and a college student, she may be one of our wisest contributors.

Unlike most of our authors, Edie did not write her book because of a personal experience with dementia. She wrote it as a Girl Scouts Silver Award Project because her grandpa did not have dementia.

After learning about the condition at a Dementia Friends meeting, she realized that for many kids, dementia is a barrier to a happy relationship with their grandparent, which prevents them from enjoying the kind of loving relationship she enjoyed with her Grandpa. 

So, she wrote a heartwarming story and seven of her teen friends collaborated with her on the illustrations. Their goal was to help other kids understand the condition, and to show them that their relationship with Grandpa (or Grandma) need not change after a diagnosis.

Edie is an inspiring, intelligent young woman who is clearly going places. You will enjoy this delightful interview, where we explore what sparked her interest in dementia, what happened after she published her book (hint: theater is involved), and how the experience of publishing a book about dementia at such a young age has enhanced her life.

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