Chris MacLellan Untangles The Whole Care Network

Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia, an AlzAuthors Podcast

Chris MacLellan Untangles The Whole Care Network

June 13, 2022

Chris MacLellan Untangles The Whole Care Network

Chris MacLellan is well-known in caregiving circles.

You might know him as The Bow Tie Guy – because, he says, “Wearing a bow tie is like wearing two smiles.”

Or you might know him from his caregiving blog, The Purple Jacket, where he chronicled his and his partner Richard’s journey with esophageal cancer.

Or you might know him as the founder of The Whole Care Network, featuring a variety of podcasts, blogs and videos to provide caregivers with much needed resources. In fact, Chris is the reason this podcast exists! A few years back, he approached our management team with the idea of doing a podcast. After much thought we realized how a podcast could further our mission and here we are today, more than 60 episodes in. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris! Several other of our authors are also featured on The Whole Care Network: Rosanne Corcoran’s Daughterhood the Podcast; Elizabeth Miller’s Happy Healthy Caregiver; Susie Singer Carters’ Love Conquers Alz; and Matthew Estrada’s Peace with Dementia Podcast.

Chris is the author of “What’s The Deal with Caregiving?” a powerful and compelling book written from his own experience that informs caregivers about how to deal with the challenges they will encounter, regardless of sexual orientation, family situation, or age. The book is part memoir/part how-to, as he shares his and Richard’s stories and experiences from their caregiving journey.

He and Richard were fortunate to have their story chronicled in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated 3-part story “In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey” which told their journey of caregiving, the challenges LGBT partners have in dealing with the medical and legal system, and the love and joy his partner Richard’s last years had on their relationship. Their story has been read by over 500,000 people world-wide since it was published in April of 2014. 

In this episode we discuss the value storytelling podcasts bring to caregiving, walking into caregiving with eyes wide open, and the beauty of the extended family of caregiving.

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Read What’s The Deal with Caregiving?” on Amazon.

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Read “Our Story – In Sickness and in Health: A Couple’s Final Journey”

·      In Sickness and in Health: A Couple’s Final Journey

·      Life After Death: A Couples Story Sparks Change

·      Saying Goodbye: Navigating the Change of Moving On

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