S2. Ep9. Surviving Loss with Shelbi Smith, RN

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S2. Ep9. Surviving Loss with Shelbi Smith, RN

Listen in on this very special episode all about Bravery, Vulnerability and Friendship within a nursing unit.
April 6, 2021

S2. Ep9. Surviving Loss with Shelbi Smith, RN

Shelbi Smith is back in a very special episode. We catch up on life as a student nurse anesthetist and unpack everything 2020 threw in. Shelbi details the most special friendship she has ever had and the enduring nature of illness. We discuss the importance of friendships in a clinical unit, an untimely breast cancer diagnosis, and tell the tales of a very special friend, Kim. The podcast dedicates this episode to Kim Cornelius, RN- one of the most extraordinary individuals and nurses. The podcast would like to thank Shelbi for sharing their story in an effort to help even one person.

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